Occupational Safety and Health Administration

General Supervisor of the word

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon His Prophets and Messengers of Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions Toalat years since the establishment of the University Founder and varied efforts and existing programs at the local and international levels and as the Occupational Safety and Health is no longer a luxury intellectually but that it should be a priority for all government and non-governmental institutions
Constitute the Occupational Safety and Health in the educational system installations dealing with the prevention of injuries and work-related diseases, as well as to protect and promote health. And involve a health professional to maintain the highest degree of safety and physical and mental health of workers in all occupations along with it effectively contribute to raising their productivity in quantity and quality as well as reduce the losses caused by the accident, God forbid, the economic and social impact as well as the days of sickness absence, compensation and other effects of accidents and occupational diseases. The safety management system and occupational health general framework through which all responsibilities relating to occupational safety and health of all employees and customers with any institution management. Since this system helps organizations increase the effectiveness of their performance by working in an integrated manner to achieve in the end the high level of quality.

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